A woman wearing a green jacket at the top of a mountain pass

Welcome to my blog! I’m Chanelle, an avid traveller, adventurer, hiker and digital nomad.

Having previously lived in several different countries around the world (Australia, the UK and France), I now call Canada home. Although, I am constantly in pursuit of a more nomadic lifestyle, with the goal of spending half my time in Canada and the other half exploring the world.

A woman wearing a green jacket and a red hood, posing with her hands in her pockets at the top of a cold mountain pass.

The pandemic is really what sparked my interest in leading a lifestyle with more travel, flexibility and work-life balance. When we were ordered to work from home in 2020, I initially didn’t like the idea of it. But 2 weeks later I realized I could never go back to an office environment.

That realization came with some challenges, as I was actually in the middle of re-qualifying as a lawyer! But with my new goal in mind, I have spent the past 3 years working my way closer and closer to being fully self-employed and entirely remote.

A woman sitting in a swinging chair the white sand of a tropical beach with the turquoise blue ocean in the background.

Since I began pursuing this goal (and lockdowns were lifted) I have spent a summer hiking and exploring the west coast of Canada, several months visiting friends and family in Europe and, most recently, 5 months travelling South America.

During this time I have had the opportunity to complete some of the world’s most beautiful hikes, experience a different way of living, eat delicious food, and immerse myself in other cultures.

A woman wearing black leggings and purple shirt posing at the top of a mountain with a turquoise blue lake visible below.

As I continue my pursuit of a more adventurous and flexible lifestyle, I will be documenting my travels and writing content to inspire and help others to plan their next travel adventure.

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